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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Promotional Staff Member for Rod Pro Tech. The fishing industry has become overwhelmed with anglers who desire paying positions or positions with significant discounts that often result in little return on investment for the sponsoring small business.

At Rod Pro Tech, we believe in customization and delivering a personalized experience to every angler. Developing custom products tailored to each anglers needs—delivered directly to each angler. For these reasons, we want our products to be represented by anglers who represent a similar culture and exude the personal characteristics that directly reflect Rod Pro Tech’s ethos.

Please provide detailed responses to each of the questions below for consideration to Rod Pro Tech’s Kayak Promotional Staff Team. We may request additional information as needed and note that we will review your application and provide you a response whether you are selected for the team or not. 

If you feel that you would be successful at helping us achieve our goal of promoting our product and bringing new customers on board, fill out the form below.

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