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Protect Your Anchors With Our New RPT Minn Kota Raptor Shallow Water Anchor Travel Covers. Made Out of 2-3mm Techno Neoprene.
Select Your Favorite Minn Kota Raptor Travel Cover Color! 10 Colors Available!

Designed Without Zippers, Strings or Velcro For Ease of Use And Maintenance Free. Simply Keeps Your Power Pole Anchor Travel Covers Clean. RPT Power Pole Travel Covers Come In Multiple Colors!

Protect your entire setup as rods are only part of the investment. The RPT custom rod sock will protect your rod, reel and line, from guide damage, scratches, dings, wear from rod locker tubes etc… Tangled rods will no longer be a problem-RPT rod socks will keep your rods, reels and fishing lures completely protected, whether its in your boat, in your truck or when stored away in the off season. We offer excellent custom rod socks.

🗹 Prevent line damage
🗹 Prevent rod damage
🗹 Prevent reel damage
🗹 Prevent guide damage
🗹 Prevent lures from tangling up
🗹 Prevent hooks from puncturing rod sock
🗹 Prevent tip of the rod from puncturing through rod sock
🗹 Prevent damage with Rod Pro-Tech rod socks
🗹 RPT custom rod socks are made with 2-3 mm thick neoprene like scuba material.

The rod sock is essential in protecting fishing rods and for majority of anglers its a must, however, the average rod sock protects only a portion of the rod. The reel is unprotected and exposed to scratches and dings. Lures are unprotected and often tangle up with other rods, lures or simply hooks end up buried in the rod sock itself. The typical rod sock only protects fishing line for the length of the rod sock and leaves the rest of it exposed for potential line damage. Here at Rod Pro-Tech we proudly designed and made a one off a kind rod sock that will not only protect the fishing rod, but the line, lure and reel as well. Our rod sock has a unique puncture resistant inner lined hook guard, heavy duty vinyl material, sewn just above the reel and approximately 10” long. This guarantees your fishing rod & reel gets maximum protection.